Midwest City Specialty Hospital

Aggressive Interdisciplinary Long Term Acute Care

For chronic medically complex patients requiring continued specialized medical attention and prolonged recovery.

As a Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH), we provide comprehensive and specialized medical attention to patients with multiple medical conditions and complex needs requiring hospital-level care, daily physician attention, and extended recovery time.

We are dedicated to fostering our patients’ transition to the next stage of their recuperation, with the goal of returning our patients back to sustained well-being.

The Expansive Midwest City PremisesMidwest City Specialty Hospital &
Midwest City Healthcare Residence

  • Long Term Acute Care Hospital
  • Post Acute Rehabilitation
  • Long-Term Residential Nursing Care

Our all-in-one convenient location is a great option for our patients’ continuum of care, providing an easy transition between levels of care needed.

Midwest City Specialty Hospital – A New Era of Transformation At Every Level!


Midwest City Specialty Hospital